2012 High Times 1st Place Best Indica - Denver
Wally OG
A true OG smell to this choice flower.
Super Silver Haze
2012 HIGH TIMES Cup Patient's Choice
A OG cut from back in the day.
Cotton Candy x Romulan
Boldly go where no man has gone before with this sweet treat.
OG Kush x Chem Dog
This amazing hybrid will make you drool.


April 20th, 1969

Pink House Community Gardens

As the 2013 outdoor season is slowing down, we now have a page to feature the fruits of our hard labor. Featured are the few Denver area plots that were gracious enough to let us expand our outdoor food plots. If 2013 was good 2014 is going to better.

Colorado is the new home of a movement that has very deep roots. This movement is well placed in the wild west: the freedom to smoke marijuana is something that any cowboy would defend, guns a-blazing. That is why Pink House is pleased to present the following Colorado Grown Medical Marijuana Companies.

Featured Product at Pink House

Bates Worm Diffusion Pump Bubbler

2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup


1st Place Indica:  San Fernando Valley OG

Patient’s Choice:  Super Silver Haze

Best Non-Solvent:  Essential Extracts

Notice 9/27/12: Pink House Tamarac